Zach DeNike – US-WR-Import für Mödling

Why are you playing football instead of any other sports?

I was an allround sport when I was in high school. After high school I had several offers from highly ranked colleges (division 1 scholarships) as a football player. That made me focus on football – and I love it.

Did you perform any other sports before or besides American Football?

Yes, at high school I performed quite some sports: baseball, track running, lacrosse and others.

Who’s your favourite NFL player and why?

Julian Edelman, formerly playing with the New England Patriots.

What is your favorite NFL team and why?

My favorite team are the New York Giants, they are playing in my neighborhood. For the same reason my second favorite team are the Jets.

What was your greatest success in life?

At college I was all time second in all-purpose yards. I am very proud that I was able to achieve that.

Why did you choose Austria? Was it because of the country or because of the team itself?

I was supported to play in the Canadian Football League, but then the season was cancelled due to corona. I attended several pro days with NFL teams, but I got no opportunity to play. Then I had several talks with teams in the German Football League and in the Austrian League. I consider the Austrian Football League as a top tier League. The Rangers made me feel like family, so I took the chance.

What do you want to see or learn about Austria?

I want to see the Music Museum and several other museums, I want to learn about Austrian history. Maybe I get the chance to travel other European countries.

What are your goals for this season (beside winning the championship)?

I want to score as many Touchdowns for the Rangers as possible, I want to win games. I want to help the team improving and winning.

Who was the first person of the team you met?

I first met Quarterback Benni Bräuer, he is an awesome guy. He immediately made me feel at home.

Anything else you’d like to tell the rangers community?

2022 will be a great season for the Rangers! We can use any support by the community. I am proud to be in Mödling and spread my knowledge.


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