Spielervorstellung – Nr. 69 – Adnane Rebiki


Why are you playing football instead of any other sports?

When I found out, that the best French football team is playing in my hometown, I wanted to be part of it.

Did you perform any other sports before or besides American Football?

I did some swimming, tennis, soccer – nothing serious, no significant successes. I am a football player.

Who’s your favourite NFL player and why?

D-Line: Aaron Donald
Others: Safety London Collins

What is your favourite NFL team and why?

The LA Rams. My little brother is a fan of the Seattle Seahawks, and I wanted to choose a conference rival to have some competition.

What was your greatest success in life?

I was a member of the French U19 national team American Football and reached 3rd place at the European Championship in Italy

Why did you choose Austria? Was it because of the country or because of the team itself?

I had the chance to play football. I have been to Austria only once, and that time I played football and didn’t see anything from the country. I am glad to be here again.


What do you want to see or learn about Austria?

I love the Austrian landscapes and I want to see a lot more of it.  am also interested in history, and Austria has a great history.


What are your goals for this season (beside winning the championship 😊)?

Personally I want to be a better player, I want to learn from experienced Rangers players. I want to be a playmaker, I want to help the team


Who was the first person of the team you met?

Headcoach Josiah, immediately followed by president Gerhard Bräuer. I was impressed by their openmindedness.


Anything else you’d like to tell the rangers community?

It is a great community, where everyone supports each other. I will try to be the best Adnane.


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